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Hanging With Friends Cheater

Posted by on June 26, 2011

How can you not love Zynga’s new iOS game, Hanging With Friends?  It’s got the slick interface of it’s older cousin, Words With Friends combined with the ease gameplay of the first word game you learned as a child – hangman.  Of course there are some new twists, but the basic premise of classic hangman game is at the core.

You build words for someone to guess, you solve words that they’ve built for you and you play head to head, just like all the “Games With Friends” series.  The thing I’m really enjoying about Hanging, is you can have 5-6 games going on, but they don’t eat up a lot of time, like Words With Friends can.  You can pick it up in line at the grocery, at a stoplight or while you’re on the phone with an annoying client and solve or build a word in just a quick minute or so – AND without using much brain power.  Sometimes, I let turns on Words With Friends linger on, because I can’t quite get that high scoring word that I’m looking for.

So, now, to the “In Secret” part of this post.  I have to confess, that on the rare occasion, when I’m getting my ass handed to me, I’ve been known to use one of the Hanging With Friends Cheat Sites.  I know.  Lame.  That’s why this is slugged as: In Secret.  Fine.  I cheat.  You probably just used the internet to look at porn, so chill.  Anyway, is by far the best cheat site.  It’s got a solver and a word builder.  Most of the other help sites have only one or the other.  It also has a Suggest Next Letter feature that tells you what letter you should guess next (from a pure probability standpoint).  Good stuff.  Finally, if you want to cheat at Words With Friends, go here:  Enough confessions for a day.  Out.

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