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Hollywood’s Waning Creativity – Infographic

This infographic shows how there wasn’t a single movie in the top 10 in 2011 that was an original. This is really sad.

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YouTube – Old Playlist Editor Vs. New Playlist Editor

YouTube recently launched their revamped playlist editor and it’s getting a TON of negative feedback.  In addition to the typical complaints of people who just don’t like a new interface, there are a lot of posts about it actually not working correctly.  It’s difficult to delete items, add items and managing the order of large … Continue reading »

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SPAM From Friends’ Hacked Email Accounts

I’m Chinese and we Asians love our Spam.  Yes, for real.  We cook it in stir fry, we eat it straight and Jack In The Box restaurants in Hawaii, where I have a lot of relatives, even have Spam items on their regular menu.  Email Spam is a different story. The last couple of days, I’ve … Continue reading »

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Borders – Stop Sending Me Emails!

Dear Borders, I realize that you are kicking the bucket and that you are closing down stores all across the US, but sending me 20 emails a day about your sales and new releases and other non-sense is not going to make me shop there any more than I already do.  Please chill on Spamming … Continue reading »

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