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Hollywood’s Waning Creativity – Infographic

This infographic shows how there wasn’t a single movie in the top 10 in 2011 that was an original. This is really sad.

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New Words With Friends Cheat Launch

So yeah, I use the Words With Friends Cheat website.  I play a lot.  I used always play legit, but to be honest, I just don’t have the time.  It takes too long to figure out words and find the right placement.  I guess I justify by telling myself I don’t want to make my friends wait … Continue reading »

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Zombie Gingers on

I Logged into this week and headed for my favorite room, which has become my morning routine during weekdays at the office.  Something was different though.  All my TT friends had new avatars that were Halloween themed.  I’ll awesome that!  I’ve been wanted them to expand their avatars for a while.  Even though this … Continue reading »

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YouTube – Old Playlist Editor Vs. New Playlist Editor

YouTube recently launched their revamped playlist editor and it’s getting a TON of negative feedback.  In addition to the typical complaints of people who just don’t like a new interface, there are a lot of posts about it actually not working correctly.  It’s difficult to delete items, add items and managing the order of large … Continue reading »

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RIP: Rilo Kiley Breaks Up

Rolling Stone is reporting that apparently Rilo Kiley has split up.  Blake Sennett in an interview said that it’s basically been over since the 2007 Under The Blacklight tour ended.  He didn’t really have many good words to say about the rest of the band, but didn’t mention specific members.  It’s common knowledge that he … Continue reading »

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Hanging With Friends Cheater

How can you not love Zynga’s new iOS game, Hanging With Friends?  It’s got the slick interface of it’s older cousin, Words With Friends combined with the ease gameplay of the first word game you learned as a child – hangman.  Of course there are some new twists, but the basic premise of classic hangman game is … Continue reading »

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SPAM From Friends’ Hacked Email Accounts

I’m Chinese and we Asians love our Spam.  Yes, for real.  We cook it in stir fry, we eat it straight and Jack In The Box restaurants in Hawaii, where I have a lot of relatives, even have Spam items on their regular menu.  Email Spam is a different story. The last couple of days, I’ve … Continue reading »

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HTML Email Gaps Between Tables and Images in Gmail

After nearly all day of struggling to figure out why a recent HTML email didn’t look right in Gmail, we finally found the answer. We coded the template and sent out test emails from MailChimp. It looked perfect in Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo and others, but there were gaps in between tables in Gmail and gaps … Continue reading »

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French Mashed Potatoes For Easter

fr________ (11:03:32 AM): We cooked brisket fr________ (11:03:46 AM): and I made some wacky french mashed potatoes f__ w___ k____ (11:04:37 AM): what made them french? fr________ (11:04:54 AM): I didn’t wash them.

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Radulov Gives Jason Arnott A Concussion During Goal Celebration

This is so crazy.  I never heard about this.   In 2008, the Nashville Predators beat the Detroit Redwings in game 3 of their Stanley Cup Playoffs series.  Nashville scored 2 goals in 9 seconds.  Jason Arnott scored the game winning goal and his teammate Alexander Radulov skated over and jumped on him, just as Arnott was turned around … Continue reading »

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